Frequently Asked Questions

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Who are we? 

The Loose Thread Magazine is a non-profit, independent literary medium which allows writers to offer critical commentaries on issues of national and international relevance. Believing in the idea of ‘letting the loose ends meet’, it interweaves the personal and the political and publishes social, political and economic reviews and essays. Being a youth magazine, it addresses issues which are pertinent to the current understanding of the world. Through the use of language and photographs, it also publishes personal stories by allowing people to express their internal conflicts, inherent struggles and varied experiences through an unhindered free-floating imagination.


Its aim is to introduce creative and new perspectives of understanding complex issues of today and with that, it attempts to challenge the conventional and evoke creativity. TLT Magazine not only intends to serve the society, but also to change it for the better. If you wish to be a part of the team, get in touch with us. 

How do I submit a pitch or an entry?

In order to submit any writings, we recommend you drop an email at discussing your proposal. Only after we approve of it, you'll be provided information about how to proceed.

Do we offer internships? 

Yes, we do offer internships on a year-round basis. Even though the requirements vary from project to project, you can still apply anytime for positions in the field of writing, research, social media marketing, editing, etc. 

Are the internships paid? 

We are currently offering only unpaid work-from-home internships due to the pandemic.